January 27, 2009

When Your Sails No Longer Have Wind~

My hubby Gary sent this to me and it is soooo true!

He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven (Ps 107:29-30). Imagine for a moment you began an exciting sailing adventure. You've been trained to navigate and sail on the ocean and be ready should trouble arise. You are confident you can handle the challenge. However, midway in the journey your resources have dried up. It almost seems God has intentionally destroyed all the skills you have to deal with the weather and the obstacles and your sails are now damaged. Even your engine has broken down. And to make matters even worse, your oars were lost overboard. You are stuck in the middle of the ocean and there is no wind to propel your boat. You are, as they say, "up the creek without a paddle." All of this leads you to the end of yourself and you say, "Lord, I don't know why you brought me out here only to die." The silence is deafening. Finally, the Lord speaks, "Yes, you are right. I did bring you out here. I did destroy your sails. I did break your engine. And yes, I do want you dead. Not in a physical sense, mind you, but in a spiritual sense. In order that you may LIVE."

"You see my child, you are nothing without Me. You cannot do anything without my grace and power in your life." The sailor quietly yields. Suddenly, a gentle wave lifts the front of the boat. An easterly wind blows through the broken sail moving the boat in the right direction. You realize God is moving your boat! Your role now is to steer it. Do your sails no longer have wind to move you? Is your engine broken? Does it feel like God has propelled you into the open sea only to stop midway with no options? Perhaps He is saying it is time to die in order that He might live through you. Give the Lord total control today and you will see His wind moving through your tattered sails........

My song for you today, my friend!


January 26, 2009

Back home to Tennessee~

Well, everything is over and done and it's time for the healing to begin. We will be going back to Tennessee today. We stayed with my son, which is a first, and really enjoyed that. Also got to see one of my other cousins, Betty Sue and her husband Don. They came up from Stone Mountain for the funeral Saturday. Maggie, you were missed!! Maggie is Betty Sue's younger sister. Ann is the oldest, Betty Sue next, then me, Maggie and Mike, my brother. We are basically the only ones left in the family that know each other! Sure, Maggie and Betty's kids know each other, but they're sisters! Betty Sue & Maggie's Daddy, Thomas Ray was the oldest of the Corn children, then John A. (Jack), who was Ann's Daddy and then my Momma, Tera Del was the baby. There is another brother, Frank and sister, Claudene in there but they didn't have any children. It's just kinda sad that our line is dying out.

Ann is doing fairly well and now has to turn her focus to herself. She has always taken care of others first and let herself go last, but it can't be that way anymore. We will stop by and see her on the way home tomorrow.

Looking forward to going home and getting back into my own surroundings, even if it is unpacked boxes!