January 26, 2009

Back home to Tennessee~

Well, everything is over and done and it's time for the healing to begin. We will be going back to Tennessee today. We stayed with my son, which is a first, and really enjoyed that. Also got to see one of my other cousins, Betty Sue and her husband Don. They came up from Stone Mountain for the funeral Saturday. Maggie, you were missed!! Maggie is Betty Sue's younger sister. Ann is the oldest, Betty Sue next, then me, Maggie and Mike, my brother. We are basically the only ones left in the family that know each other! Sure, Maggie and Betty's kids know each other, but they're sisters! Betty Sue & Maggie's Daddy, Thomas Ray was the oldest of the Corn children, then John A. (Jack), who was Ann's Daddy and then my Momma, Tera Del was the baby. There is another brother, Frank and sister, Claudene in there but they didn't have any children. It's just kinda sad that our line is dying out.

Ann is doing fairly well and now has to turn her focus to herself. She has always taken care of others first and let herself go last, but it can't be that way anymore. We will stop by and see her on the way home tomorrow.

Looking forward to going home and getting back into my own surroundings, even if it is unpacked boxes!

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