January 22, 2009

Tears on my apron update~

Well, Ann's husband passed yesterday morning. He wasn't ever able to get out of Intensive Care. The funeral will be Saturday with full Military honors and we will be leaving in the morning for Gainesville, GA, my hometown. They were able to get Ann down to Emory in Atlanta before he passed. Please remember her in your prayers! There's just not many of us left.......

It has been furious here trying to get ready to go because we have moved twice in the past year and I am too old and tired for this! I can't find my knee highs, much less anything that will fit besides my jeans and T shirts! It will be OK....something will work out. Trying to be positive here.......lol

Will try to post in the next few days.....don't know that I can explain my heart strings right now. Joy that Jerry is at peace and has no more pain, but yet such heart hurts for those that don't know how to let go....

"Oh, God, ease their pain, comfort their spirit and emptiness. Fill them, Lord with your overflowing love and healing. Touch the innermost parts of their heart, the deep, deep part that can't let go. Oh, Lord wrap your loving arms around them and draw them close to you like a Daddy cuddles his child. I love you, Lord.......I love you."

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