January 19, 2009

We got Snow!!

Yes, yes, yes!! We got snow today......the great big, fluffy snowflakes! Oh, it was fantastic and oh, so beautiful! Didn't get out in the snow though, just stayed inside and did laundry and fixed supper. Fried chicken breasts, Fiesta Rice and Baked Beans.....yummy!!

Gary wasn't feeling well tonight and was off to bed early. I still have parts of the kitchen to clean and I wonder if I will ever get all this *stuff* unpacked! Yes, I still have boxes in my kitchen! I really think my friend, Liz in North Carolina, sent a bunch of her boxes of stuff when the moving van came. I want to get the stuff out of storage, but where am I gonna put it?? I am doing some serious cutting back. We have 3 Bdr's and 2 Baths here, but again, where did all this *stuff* come from??

Why do we have to accumulate *stuff* and get so attached to inanimate objects?? Ya know what?? I'm gonna get rid of a lot of the excess *stuff* I've been carrying around and get me some elbow room in my life!!

What about you?? What are you hanging onto from yesterday that has no more life than an old shoe with no mate and is just simply dead weight?? In 50 years, will it make a difference?? Probably not.......let it go, let it go, lay it down and let it go!! Don't let anything from yesterday hold you back from your tomorrows!! Let it go!

Maybe between now and tomorrow I can figure out how to post the PICS on here and show you our Snow Dog, Chrissy, and some other things. See ya tomorrow!

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