January 14, 2010

In the Kitchen at Momma's House~

I'm going to be posting some more this year about more of our actual day's and how Gary and I go about our daily lives!  I am an avid deal seeker and couponer! If it isn't close to FREE, we don't buy it!  We also donate quite a bit of food to local food kitchens on a regular basis! God has been so good to us we just have to give more and more back to the body of Christ! 

I'll be posting more about some of our shopping trips because they are very unique!  I don't shop because of some physical issues. I gather the coupons from the paper, look up the deals at www.weusecoupons.com and then Gary and I go over the deals and coupons and he goes shopping!  While he is in the store, we are in constant communication because of his Christmas present, a Blue Tooth!  lol  We are able to shop together in every aspect, without me being there with him! 

Will post more soon when I get our shopping together for this week!  Bye for now and may God richly bless you in every aspect of your life!

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