January 8, 2009

Tears on my apron......

Last night I said I could only wish for snow....well, it is forecast for tonight and tomorrow!! 3-6 inches!! I would just love to wake up in the morning and see about a foot of snow and yes, I would get out in it. I remember as a pre-teen, living in Illinois, the snow would be so deep that you couldn't see the chain link fences in the back yard! That was then....and this is now.

This is the now. See, my heart has been very heavy today. My cousin that lives in GA is very sick. She is 5 years older than I am and we were raised together, so she is more like a sister. I call her every day and today she was very down, said she just didn't want to eat anymore. She has lymphedema and cellulitis in her legs and she is a diabetic. My only thread of hope is that she does know the Lord. My heart is heavy because I am very selfish and I don't want to lose her. My heart is sad and it hurts.

I was brought back from that place of heaviness today to a place of remembrance when we lived in Western N. Carolina. I was part of the Worship Dept at New Covenant Church in Clyde, NC for quite a few years. The choir was led by Elisabeth Price, a very dear friend and a mighty woman of God. There was a group of us women that worked on a song for uite a long time. It was done in Acapella in about 5 part harmony, I think. Bear in mind, I have never sung a song like that in my entire life, but it was at a special place and time, ordained by God.The name of the song was "Lift Thine Eyes," composer Felix Mendelssohn. I haven't yet learned how to add music to this blog, but I think I can stick in the link here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWmuLobEqJ4&feature=related

Of course, living in that section of the Smokies, lifting your eyes to the mountains wasn't a hard thing to do! Basically, the rest of the song was about "Lift your eyes to the mountains, where your help comes from." Paraphrased, of course! We never did sing that song in a service or anything, but the song was for someone at that particular place and time. That was then and this is now.

Well, I sank today! And how often do we sink and sink and don't take the time to look up and see where our help comes from?? OR, to look back and see where God has brought us from? How do we know where we're at, if we can't see where we've been?? I lifted my eyes to the mountains where my help comes from! My God created those mountains!

"Lord, I place my eyes on You and You alone. You are my strength, my help, my source and Redeemer! I know Ann is in the palm of your hand and please forgive me for being selfish. She belongs to you, not me. I love you, Lord.....I love you.

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