January 8, 2009


Well, phooey!! NO Snow, not even a flurry! I even stayed up late, just like a little kid, to see a snowflake.....but it wasn't to be! Who got snow, I wonder?? Probably up on the mountain. Our friends Greg and Sherry lift halfway up a mountain that backs up to Foothills Parkway and they are at a higher elevation, so maybe she saw some snow. I last heard from her about 2:30 AM this morning with a "Got Snow??" IM. She didn't have any at that time, but maybe she got some later.

Greg and Sherry raise the most gorgeous horses! They have Solomon, Dollar, Frannie, Farrah, Tempest and Stormy, who is gonna be a Mommy in the spring! Tempest is her baby and and will be 2 years old this spring. I will post some Pics later and tell ya more about the horses then. Solomon and Dollar are Tennessee Walking Horses, Tempest, Stormy and Frannie are Rocky Mountain Horses and Frannie is a Paso Fino! They have some of the neatest personalities and we'll talk about them later., but until then their website is www.gaiteddreams.com and is in its growing stage, so check it often for new pics and info!

Hope you've had a great day and I'll see ya later!

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