January 12, 2009

Hey, in case you missed me, I have been MIA for a few days! Trying to stay in touch with my family in GA and keep up with Ann & Jerry. Jerry had his surgery on Friday, the 9th but has gone downhill since. Friday night he had a reaction to the morphine and just basically went berserk. He knows everybody, but is just talking crazy, pulling out tubes and thinks the nurses and Dr's are trying to kill him. All kind of hallucinations....all from morphine! Think what happens to people that take this stuff for fun! He has been put in Intensive Care because his heart is racing and they can't get it to slow down. "OH, God of all creation...take care of this child you have created!! Give him and Ann peace in their heart and mind. They love you, Lord and we lift them up to you, Lord Jesus!"

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