February 27, 2009

Part 2~Many Are On A Divine Detour!

BECAUSE OF THE DETOUR, DON'T THINK HIS PROMISES ARE POSTPONED.......Actually, the opposite is true (Psalm 138:8). Because God is taking you a different way, the promise will not only come to pass, but be fulfilled on a grander scale, because you allowed God to do it His way (Psalm 18:30). Oh yes, you meant well and your heart was in the right place, but God wanted to show you “a better way.” And because you decided not to panic and take a side road to avoid His detour, God can now speak with you about His plans and not yours (Jeremiah 29:11). Now you realize that you should have taken His detour long ago, but you couldn't discern the signs. You start to thank Him for the forced detour that He caused, because it will bring you into deeper communion with the King (Luke 24:15).

God gave Paul a divine detour (Acts 9) and changed history. Jesus gave a few fishermen a detour and it turned their lives upside down (Matthew 4:18-19). God sent the angel Gabriel to Mary for the grandest detour of all--and because she accepted it (Luke 1:30-31), you and millions of others are now in the Kingdom of God. They and many others could have taken the normal, beaten path, but they would not have changed history. God's highway appears before you (Isaiah 35:8) and you need to start thanking Him for the interruption. Rejoice for the detour God has placed in front of you. Do not run from it. Many will be blessed because you said, “God, I don't recognize this path, I have never been here before, but because You say so, I will follow Your detour for me.” Remember, no one said you have to understand the detour God is making you go through...that will come later. As for now, take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy the view. Simply keep your eye on Jesus and He'll let you know which exit to get off (1 Samuel 3:10).

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